Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Crocodile-Stamped Satchel Bag Red

French translation of English is the bag of the day, four or four square shape, looks capable atmosphere and strong. Because the side of the bag folds, looks like the organ, so nickname organ bag! It is neat lines, but also with a little tough texture; simple design, there is no extra modification; change the logo before the style, the use of small and delicate attitude! These details of the details, coupled with the choice of crisp material, so that the whole bag full of gas field!

It is reserved, noble, elegant, and always maintained its Yue move aura fashion attitude, Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Sacred Jac Crocodile-Stamped Satchel Bag Red organ bag is to have such a charm to just right to control the fashion, become the most representative of Replica YSL handbags One of the classic bag, people a heart and in a short period of time swept the world. With a calm and generous fashion sense, but also in different occasions exudes its unique Aura Yue move, YSL organ bag and any element can get along well, set beauty and connotation in a bag, with any fashion can show a single product Out of its different charm, from the Office to friends together, from Formal to casual seems to always give you a surprise!

The first thing to say is the Replica Saint Laurent Bags Monogram series of two bags, this series around the artist Pierre Cassandre in 1961 should Yves Saint Laurent invited the design of the brand logo created, Monogram series contains two design elements. First, many of the models used in the Matras V-shaped leather, inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent 1974 advanced custom series of a handbag design. Second, gold-plated (or silver) nickel alloy Monogram letter combination, simply speaking is “YSL” Logo. “Explosive” handbags have the following several.

YSL Monogram series handbags have hundreds of models, and College is the most classic one, a lot of fashion icon have this handbag: Under normal circumstances, if you do not have the kind, look at the figure wanted to distinguish between large and medium , You can see the bag of the chain, the chain is very long, you can head down to the position of the thigh, like Gigi back above is. Large is the first chain is thick, the second is very short, generally suitable for carrying, like Rossi – Hinton Dayton – Whitley as. But this resolution is only suitable for the conventional situation, what is the conventional? That is, the chain is not removed to replace the case: the chain of the shoulder and the bag at the interface is a live buckle, you can remove the replacement:

Yes, Monogram College Bag’s hand straps and shoulder straps are separate, unadjustable: the bag looks big, but can only be loaded with slender things in, if something is too wide, it is not too good to put in, Of the width: In addition to the classic large and small trumpet, Monogram College sometimes out of some special patterns, such as crocodile embossed, crocodile embossed just above the leather made crocodile skin lines, not the real crocodile skin Material Oh! Crocodile embossed this is generally calfskin material. The biggest difference with the College handbag is: 1, its shoulder strap can be adjusted, you can bypass the hand carry; 2, it is only a single chain, no handle. And the official website of China’s current inventory, it is divided into calfskin and lambskin two. According to the cortex and the printing of different prices are different.
Big red fine grain texture jacquard pattern, the bag is still simple to hang, the front of the back in addition to the hot word Logo outside the basic no special decoration, the back of a pocket can put a small object. The chain can be adjusted. Saint Laurent tassel bag is the biggest feature is added on the basis of the original tassel element, the material has a smooth calfskin, crocodile leather embossed, python skin embossed, velvet four; size with medium and trumpet two; tassel And Monogram letter combination also has gold, silver two. In the price, with the same size crocodile leather embossed, python skin embossed the most expensive, smooth leather next, velvet section of the most people.

Velvet section, there are three more price, respectively, trumpet gold \ silver texture metal leather tassel shoulder bag, priced at 17,600; medium dark red crocodile skin embossed tassel bag, this bag is small, But it is absolutely wild product, which is all with its simple design is not relevant, the front is very simple, Logo design and tassels, the back of the same simple, completely without any design. Bag through the metal buckle to switch, bag cover inside the obvious SAINT LAURENT bronzing word.

This handbag with the above paragraph that section fringed models are called Monogram Kate Bag, only with tassels and no tassels, but YSL to share them very clearly, without tassels Kate Bag alone into a series. The back of this star is not as good as the fringed so much, but also, simple is also very good ah. This bag is also simple to win, positive Logo gold foil letters, the rest are more rigid texture of the material, open the mouth Which also has a logo, hardware is also very fine to do. After reading the three Monogram series of bags, is not that regret this season Replica YSL Bags actually did not out of the new handbag? In fact, many times, the brand show and will not show all the new products this season, all show, so although not seen in the show replica bag tote, does not mean it will not release the new, or can be expected!