Replica Prada Cahier Logo Small Square Bag

The Replica Prada Handbags is inspired by a precious notebook that records personal stories. The bag lines are clean and neat, and the old hardware with the corners at the bottom is like the protection angle of the old books. The overall feeling is like a classic book locked by a lock, which is full of retro atmosphere.

Replica Prada Bags CAHIER LOGO Small Square Bag and overall metal is a bit more heavy, close to the weight of 3 cola. The body part is made of smooth leather, the black part is made of cruciform leather, and the inner part is also full leather. Although the bag body is small, the capacity is quite considerable, such as mobile phones, keys, lipsticks, air cushions can be put in, super convenient.

Replica Prada Handbags

It was a very pleasant weekend, there was snow on the roadside, and the sun came out early. CAHIER is my favorite Prada in recent years. The exquisite square design, like an ancient book, may hide some secrets. This retro tone is very literary, can be equipped with a cozy big sweater, or a cool and capable The shape of the clothes and the dressing are the best interpretations of oneself. You can also choose the matching method according to your own heart.

Replica Prada Handbags

The top half of the bag uses Replica Prada Handbags classic SAFFIANO cross-grain leather, classic and wearable, and the middle section is made of smooth calfskin, which has a stable shape and a comfortable silky feel.

The hardware of the bottom and the locks are very finely crafted. The silky lines are especially like the long-standing branches, and the gem setting is not dazzling. It is full of extravagance!

Replica Prada Handbags

Starting with a classic good bag, Replica Prada Bags CAHIER is super nice, and the quality feels very durable. I wanted to buy Chanel coco handle, but the wood has the color I want, only white… I thought I wouldn’t buy the bag, go back to the hotel. I put this bag in the window of Prada, went in and tried it. It was super nice, and I took it after considering it.