Replica Gucci Dionysus Small Embroidered Hobo Bag Green

It has been quite a long time not to Gucci handbags so tempted before. Since the shot in the street saw, I felt this handbag will fire. But it gave me the feeling, like we often say “better the second eye,” is ever more beautiful, more and more want to have that kind.

It’s called Gucci Dionysus Bag. In his best romantic interpretation budding appointed Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, and then with Greek mythology, “Bacchus” in the name of its name, so it is called “Dionysus tote bag.” Gucci Dionysus Small Embroidered Hobo Bag Green will be able to remember all of a sudden it looks like. Very wide on the narrow width form factor, rugged tote bag chain, still the classic double-G Logo, but in the decorative details but very out of color, any kind of pattern and color, together exudes romantic poets generally freehand. Maverick people do not come to follow, to always care deeply memorable. Really want to say something: squandering For beautiful eyes, beautiful, beautiful. Gucci Dionysus handbags as well as shoulder bag, hand bags, purses and many different styles. Bag material, there are many, in addition we often see paragraph stitching canvas and suede, as well as suede and python skin, crocodile skin and other rare leather style.


The most eye-catching of this place must be crafted double Steller stirrup buckle tote bag. The reason is the tiger, and also the story of Greek mythology about Dionysus Dionysus, He likes to get along with animals, in order to load the girl crossed the Tigris, he had transformed into a tiger, so this tote bag buckle design is therefore came out . In addition to this tote bag buckle, Alessandro in the bag embroidery pattern design, but also did not leave the Greek mythology, which had appeared in a variety of plants, insects and animals. Bacchus large variety of tote bags, are also good For cents desire drunk. And it looks, as if the boys do not rely on the back.

Say “Bacchus tote bag” The name comes from the ancient Greek or Roman mythology, Bacchus. himself was a typical romantic, especially in literature and art, it is not difficult to understand why this name. He is an incarnation of the legendary tiger, carrying a beautiful young girl to cross the river … so it it it it also lock bag with double tiger elements. It is because with a mythological meaning to make the tote bag a bit more Dionysian aura.


Bacchus tote bag and you probably had seen the bag are different, particularly special. It is a whole kind of romantic retro feel, but also used the moment the most popular new chain design. You’ve never seen a double-G Logo printing stitching and combination of multi-faceted shape folding bag body being designed so that the lines look too tough and stylish, especially handsome, double tiger addition is fine catch. Alessandro is constantly dare do addition, so many elements but looks just beautiful. Although rookie Bacchus bag handbag industry, but it was born destined to become a classic, even in the It Bag emerging today, the new classic bag models also has its place. This wine red suede embellishment floral star models influx of people back up. And now also the number of birds and insects of this paragraph fire, love is simply a star.


There are more exaggerated floral paragraph shall, for the girl who was contemptuous of double-G Logo, looks a bit big flower jacket, but the upper body effect is particularly stylish. Dionysus flower print shoulder. Original leather material with a sense of structure, with hand-painted flowers and patchwork textured tiger buckle. Sliding chain bag with a variety of back method, you can freely switch between the shoulder and hand. With hand-painted flowers and embroidery, made use of environmentally friendly technology, the sides decorated with brown suede, trumpet: 28 cm (width) x 18 cm (H) x 9 cm (depth) counter genuine mold, high quality , in addition to this embroidery printing almost fully covered with double G Logo, particularly layered


Dionysus arabesque embroidery + Logo printing money, there is a sense of structure leather shoulder bag with textured tiger thorn buckle, the use of arabesque original leather refining. Sliding chain bag with a variety of back method, you can freely switch between the shoulder and hand. Camel European association blue lining, with suede finishes trumpet: 28 cm (width) x 18 cm (H) x 9 cm (depth) original leather with a sense of structure, with leather flip lock and key sets. Sliding chain bag with a variety of back method, you can freely switch between the shoulder and hand. The new Gucci pattern floral pattern in modern theme, inspired by 18th-century tapestries and screens depicted in Chinese landscape painting. Floral pattern of flowers, insects and birds constitute, including dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds like. By light and quick stroke-like pattern rendering plants and animals, and the use of three-dimensional effects to be printed on GG Supreme canvas. Beige / ebony original leather top, using environmentally-friendly process is made with brown leather trim color retro metal parts, tan microfiber lining, looks like suede, is simply the United States spent.