Replica Givenchy GV3 Light Pink Rhombic Envelope Shoulder Bag

Retro style is becoming more and more popular. In the retro vintage big bag, Replica Givenchy Handbags GV3 is a masterpiece. It is a mini bag and a bag. It is also a chain bag. It is a cool retro bag. No wonder the stars like it! This year’s very popular girl’s bag, as well as cute cute bags are very popular, but today I share a bag with a cool cold, so you can not be likable, cool very Personality is actually a consistent attitude of Givenchy.

Before the Replica Givenchy Bags GV3 Light Pink Rhombic Envelope Shoulder Bag retro bag, Liu Tao also showed it. It is a mini bag and a pocket, a new favorite of many stars! I feel that there is no smaller replica bag tote than it, and there is no more feel than it! It seems to be very low-key, but it is spicy, maybe this is the wonder of fashion.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

In fact, the entire GV3 series is very powdery. It can be said that in the 2018 new bag, a few of them are worth starting. The iconic design is clear at a glance, and it has a high-quality texture, and it has a very high value. The retro temperament is very good.

Everyone should know that GV3 is the first replica bag tote brought by Clare Waight Keller, the brand’s new art director. As a “bag queen” that created many It Bags, Clare brings back the style of Replica Givenchy Handbags with a sense of history while incorporating its own style.

The name GV3 is especially avant-garde, but after learning it will be very historical. Just like the retro and fashionable temperament of this bag itself, it is also a tribute to the brand’s history. The most eye-catching part of GV3 is the buckle. Many people see this bag for the first time, which is the first to be attracted by the buckle. Do you think it is familiar? That’s right! It actually comes from the brand’s most classic 4G logo, which is the return and reinterpretation of the Replica Givenchy Bags element.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

The GV3’s buckle turns the 4G into two symmetrical Gs, which are like two people sitting face to face, perfectly interpreting the theme of the 2018 Spring/Summer collection “The Couple in Dating”. Don’t look at the cool appearance of this bag, in fact, it is still a very romantic little sweet! In addition to the historical and romantic connotation, the most fascinating part of this buckle is the old treatment. It is not a very bright texture, but it can see faint scratch marks, especially like the traces of time left on it. It is the favorite of girls who like retro style.

The old-fashioned brass-colored metal not only gives a retro feel, but also a temperament. The girl living in the hustle and bustle of the city carries it on her back and looks particularly free and easy. In addition to the fascinating buckle, GV3’s handsome metal chain and worn leather are also two points of its powder. The chain elements in the bag can be very feminine, cool and handsome, and the GV3 chain is actually biased towards the latter. Its chain is wide and the connection between each ring is very tight. This design is inspired by the chain of men’s pocket watches, very special. The masculine elements are used on the girls’ bags, and people will feel that they will feel handsome and rebellious.